Games of Thrones : Mother of Candy

My piece submitted for the “Where the Wildlings At” Exhibition on 19th June at Glitch Singapore. Somewhere in another universe, Daenerys Targarean is seen here with her precious dragons on the candy throne. Her dragons hatched from chocolate eggs and they come in different flavours : Marzipan, Mint and Bubblegum.
Her magnificent candy throne never runs out of sugary goodness.. for everypiece that is broken off for chewing/consumption/gnawing grows back on its own. Be it pocky sticks with rainbow sprinkles or pepperminty lollis, she has endless supply to this sugary heaven.
Each artwork tells an individual story, maybe to inspire, maybe to deceive. You’ll never know what to expect, so watch your back, because Sweetness is Coming. So sweet that everyone dies. Eventually.

40+ artists from Indonesia and Singapore have come together to showcase their unique renditions of Game of Thrones. Original artworks and prints are available for sale and pre-orders.
For inquiries please contact:

For project work-in-progress images, please visit my Behance site.

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What’s Your Adventure?

The debut piece of the Adventures of Pwin and Bliinks! Having a candy mascot for Caramelaw has always been at the back of my mind. This piece clearly shows how life is going to be for her in the Candyland of noms, floating around on Bliinks, meeting new beings and creatures, making friends, exploring unchartered territories and learning about life,love and the art of irritaing the crap out of people.
I’ve managed to capture some work-in-progress images when I was working on this piece. I thought it would be fun to share how this was done! There wasn’t much sketching materials, she really just popped up in my mind and I just had to do it.
I also had plans to customize her using a Blythe doll, with cute mohair reroot, angel curls and that awesome clown-ish outfit she’s wearing. Will post the work-in-progress of how she’s made here on Behance as well! Exciting times!

More info and work-in-progress steps published on my Behance.

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STGCC 2014

All the rushing, planning, logistics, sleepless nights trying to churn out art and cute stuff  to sell at STGCC 2014, seems all too familiar. Once again, Caramelaw was back at STGCC 2014 show casing my art dolls, custom toys and new merchandises. It was really fun returning back to STGCC after being under the radar for 4 years. Seeing artist friends and happy fans gather at the one event that makes all of us unite is simply delightful.

Set up was relatively easy, all the candy elements were up and busking in their rainbow glory in no time. The crowds gathered and marveled at the custom Caramelpops dolls and custom Kobito Dukan Rainbow Buddies customs. There were also new merchandises, including canvas prints, bag charms, key chains, new poster and postcard designs and a new paper puppet. Click for art also sent us some merchandise all the way from UK, including cushion covers, sweat shirts, pouches and eye mask. Lots to see and time to spend some money!

I’ve got wonderful help once again from Agent Cuddlesome, a.k.a the manager of Candy land and my loving candy man to mend the booth with me. There were many exhibtiors this year and I was particularly excited about Instinct Toys. Managed to grab a hold of the new Jack O Latern in Glitter pink and silver, all thanks to the loving boyfriend. What a sweet surprise. Swoon!

There were some familiar faces – Gold Zinyin here was at my booth 4 years ago and she was back again for more candy art. So sweet of her! Many friends and family dropped by to show their support. I also did some doodling at the doodle wall sponsored by Sharpie, rocking the black ink with the Band of Doodlers. Lots of fun interacting with people and curious minds who wanted to know more about me and my candy art. It was such a pleasure speaking to everyone who came to the convention. It was a blast having to experience all the buzz and cosplayers and I’ll certainly be back soon!

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The 80s kid and her candies

I enjoyed making candy art and illustrations. After being on my ass for a LONG time and not updating my website (and boy that was a whole load of zzzzz work) and all, it’s time I do something about that. A brand new year, a brand new look and hopefully, that will start off a brand new year of the pony!

I missed the good old days when I was just a little candy monster. (No, not candy art creator, yet.) Growing up in the 80’s was fun and carefree. I ran about the neighbourhood playing hide and seek, police and thief and fire sparklers, catch guppies from the canel and spiders from the neighbouring wooded areas. Occasionally getting into trouble and getting a few whips from my mom. But as kids, a candy from the local mama-shop (convenient store) was always a treat and there were always many different types of candies to choose from. I grew up with these and the sudden gush of nostalgic memories lead me to creating a wallpaper that reflects a big part of my childhood. I guess, who I am today, has got to do with these 80s treasures that I hold so dearly in my heart.

Then again, I never really grew up. 🙂

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Strawberry Flossface – On a Cone

She’s nearing her completion stage so thought I’ll just fool around a little and did this little picture of her. So here…I give you… Strawberry FlossFace!
(You can see completed pictures of her on Flickr.)
Berry flavored hair floss topped with some Sweet Mischiefs and a little dash of sparkles.

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May the mushroom be with you…

A psychedelic and absolutely trippy piece of A3 artwork made specially for Shayana Shop. It was a really interesting project because Ricky basically said he doesn’t have any restrcitions. He just wanted me to create something out of this world and something which would suit their brand name. The only thing he requested for, was it has to be whimsical, colourful and filled with mushrooms. I was in the Goldcoast for a break when I got the brief but that didn’t stop me from sketching and starting work right away.

The mushroom(s) is strong in this one…
Check out the Shayana website for more details.

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CaramelPOPS Custom Bunny Pop For China-lilly

A candy coated bunny faced cutie! I’ve tried to keep her main colour as purple,as requested by China-lilly herself. That crimson yellow thermal reroot looks absolutely wonderful on her, in contrast to the purples. I’m pretty happy how she turned out to be and I hope to send her off to meet her mommy!

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“Life’s a journey, make it a sweet one.”

These 3 pieces of candyart are made around the theme “Life’s a journey, make it a sweet one.”

I didn’t know what to work on in the very beginning, had zero ideas. But then I thought of how these artworks will be travelling across the globe to reach the other side of the world and that hit me.

Here we see the 3 forms of travelling : LAND, AIR and SEA. I’m sure if they were could talk, it would’ve been quite a journey for them. I packed them into a huge box, kissed them goodbye and sent them off. Life is indeed a journey, up and downs are part of growing up so let us all follow our dreams and hopefully, make it a sweet one.

Made specially for the Sweet Hot Mess exhibition happening at Cult Status Gallery Minneapolis!

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CaramelPOPS Custom Little Bettie!

“Little Bettie is a little candy girl who lives in a candy village. She never knew who her parents were. All her life, she has only 3 companions and these 3 companions are always by her side, wherever she goes. They live on top of her head, in the little hat house she wears everyday. They are always having fun together and exploring places. Adventure awaits Bettie and her friends. Would you like to join them?”

She was originally commissioned by someone but backed out at the last minute. There she was, left on my table for the longest time. I’m glad she’s completed. I think she looks pretty cute.

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CaramelPOPS Custom Lady Rainbow Helmet!

I’m so in love with this little one when I got her in the mail. She’s a factory doll with the cutest pink hair (similar to ichigo heaven) I contemplated if I should just tear her apart to customize her but…what the hay. I did it anyway. She’s given a pretty different kind of face paint style though, if you could see from the work in progress pics.

I purchased her helmet from lovely dollymixxx, it arrived all plain,red and perfect, just the way I needed it to be. So I could add some felt flowers and whatnot’s. I love how that helmet turns out to be.

She’s not made for anyone though, I just thought I’ll make some dollies for myself once in awhile. She’ll be up for adoption soon!

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