The artwork below is her rendition of what happens to her when she closes her eyes.
A magical world of colours and monsters comes to live.
This is Caramelaw, in her world and she wants to share it with you.

Cute + Morbid. That sums up Caramelaw’s art perfectly.

She’s also a big nature lover. Be it trees, animals, flowers, mushrooms, rainbows, raindrops…anything! It plays a big part in her art creations. She loves how beautiful and perfect mother nature is. Caramelaw think the world should learn from its beauty and not take anything on earth for granted. She tends to reflect that in most of her artwork.

Whenever Caramelaw creates art, she hopes it brings a smile to those who look at it. The colors, the characters and the love that is put into it.

For her and her artwork, it just goes to show, she’s still a child at heart. Growing up never stopped Caramelaw from her world of imagination, talking monsters and strange friends. She’s still attracted to bright colors and strange things. Similar to a child attracted to their cute toys.

The following pages contains so much candy good-ness it may just give you cavities. Nevertheless, enjoy the sweet ride through Caramelaw’s Candy-land.

2 Responses to Portfolio

  1. Iuliia Dow says:

    Hi Caramelaw

    I am Iuliia Dow from APM Clothing Development. We are small clothing development company based in England. We are in the middle of launching a new brand named after myself. The objective of the brand is developing quality clothing for the male and female boutique market place. The twist with our clothing ranges will be that we print your art work onto it. So therefore the theme of our brand will be (artists in fashion).

    We are approaching artist, such as you, in order of getting permission to use your art work on certain clothing lines. The clothing lines will be very varied from T-shirts to dresses, shoes, bags, and the whole spectrum of clothing. Obviously we don’t expect to use your images for nothing we want to do two things for you.

    1) Pay you a cash royalty for every piece that is sold. There will be two levels of payment, the first level for retail sales and a second level for trade sales.
    2) Our packaging and swing tag branding will obviously carry our brand to promote
    (Iuliia, artists in fashion). Also on the branding packaging swing tags etc. will be your details, anything you want to put on: your web site, your story anything.

    So, what I would like to know if you would like to collaborate with us in this project. We believe the brand quite quickly will become world renowned. If you are interested please contact myself or Mike on the following email or the telephone number.

    01325 320578

  2. Tom Clark says:

    Hi Iuliia,
    I’m a fashion graduate and design, print and sell T-shirts, caps and shorts.
    Do you have an online store?
    Which retail outlets do you sell to?
    Could you send me a contract.

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