Pretty candy-coated Caramelaw merchandises now available. From paper products to one-of-a-kind customized dolls & toys, you’ll be able to buy them at my Etsy Store.
Click on image and it’ll bring you there. Happy shopping!

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Alternatively you may buy limited edition prints/cushions/mugs/eyemask/bags and such on Clickforart.

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  2. Michelle Mia says:

    where can I buy the lanyard? 😐

  3. Amanda says:

    Hey do you have any of the vinyl toys for sale? If so, how much? Any other pattern for the lanyards? Also, what method do you use to get the print on the pillows? Love the design but I’m hoping it isnt the type that will crack because it’s basically a big sticker.. bad explaination but yeah!

    So cute! Love your style, found you on depthcore this month.

  4. amanda says:

    hey i just ordered the lanyard from etsy.
    Im hoping you will have more designs available soon!

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