BlytheCon Singapore 2017 Logo

Doll diorama artwork by Caramelaw.

I’m really excited to announce that the official BlytheconSG imagery for 2017 is ready! I would say it’s 99% done though I might make more changes or add more elements to her but we’ll see. For now, I think I’m good. This is really an exciting collab because I get to work with the super talented Peithedragon. We see a cute baby face of a Blythe doll here interpreted and painted by Pei. I just can’t get over how adorable that face is! She had to paint the mascot bald so that I could add in flowers and greenery elements with a dash of candy in it later. There is a little pathway right above the BlytheCon text leading to a door shining with light, like a magical doorway to our beautiful garden city. You could see a bit of the Singapore skyline consisting of Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Art Science Museum and the Singapore Flyer beyond that door.

The theme is “City in a Garden”. Singapore, known as a garden city, was meant to provide comfortable, clean and green environment to Singaporeans and tourist. Our gardens were planned so that our city’s temperature could be kept as low as possible from the tropical heat as we are basically sitting on the equator. These gardens are now almost inter connected and creates an attractions not only for Singaporeans but also impresses the tourist.This is a joint achievement by the Singapore government and her people. We are therefore proud to announce that we have green spots in our little red dot.



Motion Graph Artist by day, Candy-land super hero by night.

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