Cute + Morbid. That sums up Caramelaw’s art perfectly.

She’s also a big nature lover. Be it trees, animals, flowers, mushrooms, rainbows, raindrops…anything! It plays a big part in her art creations. She loves how beautiful and perfect mother nature is. Caramelaw think the world should learn from its beauty and not take anything on earth for granted. She tends to reflect that in most of her artwork.

Whenever Caramelaw creates art, she hopes it brings a smile to those who look at it. The colors, the characters and the love that is put into it.

For her and her artwork, it just goes to show, she’s still a child at heart. Growing up never stopped Caramelaw from her world of imagination, talking monsters and strange friends. She’s still attracted to bright colors and strange things. Similar to a child attracted to their cute toys.

The following pages contains so much candy good-ness it may just give you cavities. Nevertheless, enjoy the sweet ride through Caramelaw’s Candy-land.

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