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Motion Graphic Artist by day, Candy-land super hero by night.

Blythecon Fashion Tour Beijing

Was prepping for BlythconFashionTour Beijing for the past months and making a lot of dolls and accessories, I can’t believe its over in the blink of an eye! So much excitement going on for this event, met dolly friends and … Continue reading

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BlytheCon Singapore 2017 Logo

I’m really excited to announce that the official BlytheconSG imagery for 2017 is ready! I would say it’s 99% done though I might make more changes or add more elements to her but we’ll see. For now, I think I’m … Continue reading

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Organized Chaos of Cute

Before I dive into the endless imagery of rainbow, sugary goodnes, just wanted to share a little story on how it all happened. How I decided to drop everything and re-arrange the clutter in my life. Its been quite a … Continue reading

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Games of Thrones : Mother of Candy

My piece submitted for the “Where the Wildlings At” Exhibition on 19th June at Glitch Singapore. Somewhere in another universe, Daenerys Targarean is seen here with her precious dragons on the candy throne. Her dragons hatched from chocolate eggs and they come … Continue reading

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What’s Your Adventure?

The debut piece of the Adventures of Pwin and Bliinks! Having a candy mascot for Caramelaw has always been at the back of my mind. This piece clearly shows how life is going to be for her in the Candyland of … Continue reading

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STGCC 2014

All the rushing, planning, logistics, sleepless nights trying to churn out art and cute stuff  to sell at STGCC 2014, seems all too familiar. Once again, Caramelaw was back at STGCC 2014 show casing my art dolls, custom toys and … Continue reading

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The 80s kid and her candies

I enjoyed making candy art and illustrations. After being on my ass for a LONG time and not updating my website (and boy that was a whole load of zzzzz work) and all, it’s time I do something about that. … Continue reading

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Strawberry Flossface – On a Cone

She’s nearing her completion stage so thought I’ll just fool around a little and did this little picture of her. So here…I give you… Strawberry FlossFace! (You can see completed pictures of her on Flickr.) Berry flavored hair floss topped … Continue reading

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May the mushroom be with you…

A psychedelic and absolutely trippy piece of A3 artwork made specially for Shayana Shop. It was a really interesting project because Ricky basically said he doesn’t have any restrcitions. He just wanted me to create something out of this world … Continue reading

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CaramelPOPS Custom Bunny Pop For China-lilly

A candy coated bunny faced cutie! I’ve tried to keep her main colour as purple,as requested by China-lilly herself. That crimson yellow thermal reroot looks absolutely wonderful on her, in contrast to the purples. I’m pretty happy how she turned … Continue reading

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