CaramelPOPS Custom Lady Rainbow Helmet!

I’m so in love with this little one when I got her in the mail. She’s a factory doll with the cutest pink hair (similar to ichigo heaven) I contemplated if I should just tear her apart to customize her but…what the hay. I did it anyway. She’s given a pretty different kind of face paint style though, if you could see from the work in progress pics.

I purchased her helmet from lovely dollymixxx, it arrived all plain,red and perfect, just the way I needed it to be. So I could add some felt flowers and whatnot’s. I love how that helmet turns out to be.

She’s not made for anyone though, I just thought I’ll make some dollies for myself once in awhile. She’ll be up for adoption soon!


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Motion Graphic Artist by day, Candy-land super hero by night.
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