CaramelPOPS Miss Candie Love

Finally had some time to take some pics of Miss Candie Love here, who has been in the works for a few good months. She was the 1st Blythe I re-rooted and god my back almost broke! I went through quite a lot of trail & error stages with Candie Love, painting her face, sanding it off, paint again… Until I was satisfied. I feel very connected with this baby and I think its because she made me feel that THIS is the dolly style that would trademark the CaramelPOP dolls. I am thinking of making her a twin sister with blue/purple tones though I’m not sure when exactly I’ll start on her but soon!

For those who’s curious on this little candy princess, I do hope you like her! ^_^


About Caramelaw

Motion Graphic Artist by day, Candy-land super hero by night.
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