CaramelPOPS Snow Kittens! *Meoaw*

Snow Kittens here was made a long time ago and her painted faceplate was posted on my Flickr some months back. But after which she’s left forgotten on my table for another few months till now. (LOL Evil me…) I was way busy with work and not touched any dolls nor toys for awhile now. So before I go mad from all that corporate work I do in the day time, I think I had better start making dolls/toys/candyart soon!

Well, the reason why Snow Kittens wasn’t done up was because I couldn’t find her the right outfit. I did commission Yukijiro of La Princesa to make her a really cute Kitty Lolita outfit (Oh she was the awesome dolly clothes maker that made Rococo Candy’s outfit as well!) Snow Kittens just didn’t look right even with the Kitty Lolita outfit, thus I went hunting for another. After which I came across this out-of-stock BHC Eskimo outfit on ebay. Then BINGO! That was it! Everything else flowed like a breeze after that, her hair, outfit and accessories came up together nicely. It felt right. I think its important when an artist makes anything, the result, has got to feel right. Shortly after Snow Kitten’s picture was posted on Flickr, someone wanted to adopt her! That made me happy because it shows I did something right. ^__^


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