CaramelPOPS The Other Alice

The Other Alice or “TOA” I call for short, was actually a former Pollip doll. Could you guess who she was previously? She’s Miah Sakura Elf, which I’ve taken apart and given her a new life as a new dolly. She’s a Pullip Nahh Ato on a Marrone Obitsu body. Her pet is a MLP though not really a pony, but a pony friend, a camel. Being a big Alice In Wonderland fan myself, making a 2nd set of AIW dolls seemed like the right thing to do. Just this time, there’ll be new characters like the dodo bird, catepillar, dormouse etc… Not sure how many characters I’m intending to make just as yet but it all depends on when inspiration strikes. I’ve also created a new drop-down menu page under “Dolls” for this series so be sure to come by again for more dolly updates!

I hope you guys like her. She’ll be up for adoption very soon.


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Motion Graphic Artist by day, Candy-land super hero by night.
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