Collaborations with other artists and organizations.

bcsg2017BlytheCon Singapore 2017 Logo
Logo and imagery for the up-coming BlytheCon 2017. A collab with the ever wonderful and talented PeitheDragon. For more info please visit BlytheCon Singapore 2017 fanpage.

Mother_of_CandyGames of Thrones : Mother of Candy
My piece submitted for the “Where the Wildlings At” Exhibition on 19th June at Glitch Singapore. Somewhere in another universe, Daenerys Targarean is seen here with her precious dragons on the candy throne. Her dragons hatched from chocolate eggs and they come in different flavours : Marzipan, Mint and Bubblegum.
Her magnificent candy throne never runs out of sugary goodness.. for everypiece that is broken off for chewing/consumption/gnawing grows back on its own. Be it pocky sticks with rainbow sprinkles or pepperminty lollis, she has endless supply to this sugary heaven.
Each artwork tells an individual story, maybe to inspire, maybe to deceive. You’ll never know what to expect, so watch your back, because Sweetness is Coming. So sweet that everyone dies. Eventually.
Original artworks and prints are available for sale and pre-orders.
For inquiries please contact:

general_kult_underworldDare to dream of Candy
Made for Girls of the Underworld Exhibition organized by Kult.
Many females in asia are often suppressed by conservative and traditional parenting. Such as the case of the famous Japanese pop culture icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who comes from a very traditional Japanese family. Often being judged and shunned by her parents for day dreaming before she made it, she was discouraged to give up her quirky sense of dressing and pop identity. However, her perseverance has led her to be one of the most iconic pop artists worldwide today. It is indeed a fine example of “Screw this s***, I’ll be who I want to be and I will shine. Just wait and see.”

general_monsa_mangaCandie the ice cream pixie
Made for MONSA Publications for their Kawaii MANGA book.

general_52artsCaptain Gumball Coner
The Playing Arts project by Digital Abstracts.
I was assigned the 10 of hearts card and had so much fun making it.

general_kult_minblownDr. Seuss was afraid of kids
A piece done for Kult Magazine issue 12 titled MIND BLOWN.
Artworks illustrating mind-blowing facts from this crazy world we live in.

A piece made for Samsung Masterpieces Art Collective.

general_candynautThe Last Vampire Candynaut
A very cool collab project organized by Jared Nickerson of J3Concepts. 19 different artists from all around the world gathered together to create their own interpretation of Jared’s graphic piece titled “The Last Vampire Astronaut”. Read more about it here.

general_warchildMake Rainbows, Not War
Made for the War Child project. All proceeds goes into helping children in Afghanistan, Congo, Iraq and Uganda who live in poor conditions due to terrible wars.

general_ark_projectThe Ark Project
Organized by DGPH, this project proved to be a very meaningful one. To educate the public on animal kindness and conservation, artists from all over the world are invited to illustrate an animal that originated from their country. After which all illustrations are compiled into a graphic encyclopedia.
I illustrated the Singapura Cat.
For more details, please visit THE ARK PROJECT website.

general_tigertranslate_Pgeneral_tigertranslateTiger Translate – Balance
Everything on earth gets recycled. Droplets enter the trees from their roots and returns back into the air. It falls as rain again.
The perfect balance that should not be broken. Nature.
Please visit Tiger Translate for more info.

A DEPTHCORE collab with the very talented Pete Harrison A.K.A Aeiko, using elements from “Trees in Heaven”. I love how he transformed the entire piece and rendered it in his own style. Respect.

general_citiDCitiD Singapore (Katong)
CitID is a ambitious community project where designers world wide are invited to design a logo for their city. We are aiming to collect a unique set of inspiring logos/artworks, displaying the various styles and trends in contemporary logo design all over the world. We hope to include as many cities in the world as possible.”
Since Singapore has no major capital or such, I’ve decided to illustrate a particular place in Singapore where Peranakan tradition remains a proud culture. KATONG, as we all know is the place where we find lots of Peranakan influenced houses and shops. Colours and happy kueh-kuehs (yummy peranakan desserts) makes up my logo.

Basic RGBFat Sweet Geisha
A collaboration with the ever fabulous Rubens Cantuni from KOIKOIKOI. Isnt she cute?

general_cherry_lolitasCherry Lolitas!
“They are cute,red and devilishly delicious…
Cherry Lolitas are tiny little new born vampire cherries. Bring them near your lips and they’ll snap!”
Cherry Lolita is made for the Blood Sweat Vector Exhibition in Berlin that was held on 12 November 2009.
portfolio_introIn My World
A personal project. That’s me dreaming and what goes on in my world.

general_in_my_worldIn My World 2.0
Made another version of “In my World” with a boarder around.
This piece was made for the Blood Sweat Vector Exhibition in Berlin that was held on 12 November 2009.

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