Depthcore is an international art collective focused on modern and abstract art, incorporating design, photography, animation and audio. I was invited to join the group 2 years ago, by Justin Maller, founder of the Depthcore team. The group was established to provide a showcase for the best in modern craftsmanship, with the primary goals of breaking design conventions and pushing the boundaries of artwork created or enhanced digitally. Therefore I am very honored and excited to be part of them, and here are the artworks I’ve produced for the packs so far. For more information on Depthcore, please visit the Depthcore website.

4814_time_will_healTheme : Time
Titled : Time will heal

My army of cheerful monsters, dolls, even hot tea surrounds me but nothing distracts this emptiness away. My heart too swollen to be placed back to where it belongs. But I know, time will heal. For those who’s gotten your heart broken, my candy monsters (and me) just want you to know, everything is gonna be ok.

depthcore_mirrorTheme : Mirror
Titled : Which side of the mirror are we really in?

At the rate that we humans are robbing the earth of its resources, in time we’ll come to realize, the happy and colourful side, is what we want to see in the mirror.The sad truth is, only when one loses something important, then we’ll realize we should’ve done more about it in the beginning. Love the earth please. Its our only home.

depthcore_mythicTheme : Mythic
Titled : The Mythic Journey

“Somewhere amongst the clouds, the Jelly-cats migrate to the ends of the earth in search for food and shelter. They hide themselves from the humans and avoid being seen.
Till this day, many still believe they are up there.”

depthcore_she_knowsTheme : Eve
Titled : She knows

“The world is about to end. She sends all the animals away and prays for their survival. Hope is the only thing she can rely on now. ”

depthcore_her_majestyTheme : Freestyle
Titled : Her Majesty

“Everything is filtered from her heart. But only the good & pure will rise…”

depthcore_trees_in_heavenTheme : Freestyle
Titled : Trees in Heaven

Mother Nature. Trees.
“For what they had provided us with no complains. They should go to heaven. Where birds and squirrels and other magical creatures would provide its every need.”
Love our earth. She is our only home.

depthcore_here_they_comeTheme : Heist
Titled : Here they come

“They came from no where and they took everything in their path. No egg-rians were spared. None were kept alive…”

depthcore_cabaretTheme : Her
Titled : LOLA

“Her name was LOLA, she was a showgirl…”
I’m sure that’s no stranger song to you. Cabaret girls always look so beautiful when they are on stage. I always have great respect for entertainers like them.
So I decided to capture that mood into this piece.

depthcore_mother_luckerTheme : Her
Titled : Mother Lucker

I’ve always loved the concept of Darumas. Make a wish, paint one of their eyes and if the wish comes true, thank the daruma spirits by painting the other eye. Its so mysterious yet fascinating at the same time.
All the darumas here have both their eyes painted. Which means, each and every one of them had their wishes come true.

depthcore_noirTheme : Noir
Titled : Pussy Monk Magic

This piece was greatly inspired by an old chinese king fu movie I watched. It was originally made in black and white but I didn’t quite feel connected with the piece, therefore I made a “un-noir” version of it.

depthcore_idioTheme : Idio
Titled : Me,myself  I

This was traced using a picture of me. Wanted to do something experimental.

depthcore_flyawayTheme : Requiem
Titled : Fly Away

“The world is ending and everything falls into pieces. Their souls float into the skies carrying with them what’s left.”
This piece shows that even in a world filled with candy canes and everything nice, unexpected misfortune do happen. We should not take anything in our lives for granted and live everyday like it is our last.
This is also the winning piece for the NOISE 2010 Art & Design category top prize.

depthcore_idevourTheme : Requiem
Titled : Therefore, I devour
“Bring them to me! All of them! Everything!”
This was the 1st piece I did for the theme. It shows a monster summoning his slaves to bring him all the candy goodness they can find. Destroy them all.

depthcore_templeTheme : Temple
Titled : Temple Sweet Temple
My debut piece for Depthcore. I was so nervous but it turned out well. The theme was really interesting and I naturally drew a candy-land where I go to every night when I dream. Temple sweet temple indeed.

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