“Life’s a journey, make it a sweet one.”

These 3 pieces of candyart are made around the theme “Life’s a journey, make it a sweet one.”

I didn’t know what to work on in the very beginning, had zero ideas. But then I thought of how these artworks will be travelling across the globe to reach the other side of the world and that hit me.

Here we see the 3 forms of travelling : LAND, AIR and SEA. I’m sure if they were could talk, it would’ve been quite a journey for them. I packed them into a huge box, kissed them goodbye and sent them off. Life is indeed a journey, up and downs are part of growing up so let us all follow our dreams and hopefully, make it a sweet one.

Made specially for the Sweet Hot Mess exhibition happening at Cult Status Gallery Minneapolis!

CaramelPOPS Custom Little Bettie!

“Little Bettie is a little candy girl who lives in a candy village. She never knew who her parents were. All her life, she has only 3 companions and these 3 companions are always by her side, wherever she goes. They live on top of her head, in the little hat house she wears everyday. They are always having fun together and exploring places. Adventure awaits Bettie and her friends. Would you like to join them?”

She was originally commissioned by someone but backed out at the last minute. There she was, left on my table for the longest time. I’m glad she’s completed. I think she looks pretty cute.


CaramelPOPS Custom Lady Rainbow Helmet!

I’m so in love with this little one when I got her in the mail. She’s a factory doll with the cutest pink hair (similar to ichigo heaven) I contemplated if I should just tear her apart to customize her but…what the hay. I did it anyway. She’s given a pretty different kind of face paint style though, if you could see from the work in progress pics.

I purchased her helmet from lovely dollymixxx, it arrived all plain,red and perfect, just the way I needed it to be. So I could add some felt flowers and whatnot’s. I love how that helmet turns out to be.

She’s not made for anyone though, I just thought I’ll make some dollies for myself once in awhile. She’ll be up for adoption soon!


CaramelPOPS Custom for Anniedollz!

Hoorah! Anniedollz little rainbow girl here is finally done and I just had time today to do some photoshoot of her. And, everyone knows how gorgeous Anniedollz custom dolls are and so, I’m stoked about making a CaramelPOP just for her! Annie wanted to provide her own handmade outfit and wig (Yes that amazing rainbow rose skirt is made by Annie herself!) so my mission would be including some of her favourite elements. Chihuahua being one of the most unusual request she had.

CaramelPOPS Lola Lollipop for Ashley Stendall!

Cute little pink clown candy girl here made just for Ashley Stendall. She’s given me pretty much the freedom to do anything I want so…Ta-dah! Lotsa fun making her, given her lots of different outfits to try on but finally decided on this one. Hope you like her Ashley! Will be sending her out prob next week.

CaramelPOPS Sprinkles Sugarheart for Cybermelli!

I’m so excited, Cybermelli’s doll is finally finished! She took a while to cook but its all worth it. Mainly waiting for her saran hair to arrive from the USA, re-rooting and all that jazz. I’m pretty happy how she turn out to be, she’s so different (and for once, not entirely pink!) I seldom get to work with blue themed dollies so this was lots of fun. She’s all packed up in her box and I’ll be sending her off to her new mommy shortyly!

CaramelPOPS Fluffie Puffie Lil’ Miss Lawdee

Lil Miss Fluffie Puff here is made specially for lovely Lawdedas! I’ve been working on this girl for a month and a half, her lovely light pink mohair is rerooted by RonMac. Its so soft and fluffy and smells oh-so-nice! She sent me her EBL dolly shortly after seeing Launshae’s Pinkie Pie and I’m so happy to make a dolly for her!

I’m very delighted how she turned out to be, all that pink fluff and sweet hues. I wish I could keep her! :p But I’ll be sending her off to her mommy sometime this week.


CaramelPOPS Miss Candie Love

Finally had some time to take some pics of Miss Candie Love here, who has been in the works for a few good months. She was the 1st Blythe I re-rooted and god my back almost broke! I went through quite a lot of trail & error stages with Candie Love, painting her face, sanding it off, paint again… Until I was satisfied. I feel very connected with this baby and I think its because she made me feel that THIS is the dolly style that would trademark the CaramelPOP dolls. I am thinking of making her a twin sister with blue/purple tones though I’m not sure when exactly I’ll start on her but soon!

For those who’s curious on this little candy princess, I do hope you like her! ^_^


DepthCORE – TIME will heal

“My army of cheerful monsters, dolls, even hot tea surrounds me but nothing distracts this emptiness away. My heart too swollen to be placed back to where it belongs. But I know, time will heal. ” I’m proud to present to you DepthCORE’s latest chapter, “TIME”.
My piece is titled “Time will heal”. Its a sad piece of artwork but I had so much fun creating it. For those whos got your heart broken, my candy monsters (and me) just wants you to know that everything’s gonna be ok. 🙂 For more info please visit DepthCORE.

CaramelPOPS Pinkie Pie

Little Pinkie Pie here is completed! And she’s home now with her owner Launshae. It was a total joy working on her, my brief was to make her as pink and sweet as possible and Launshae was uber excited today when she saw Pinkie Pie on her table! She was squealing with excitement. I’m so glad she loved how Pinkie Pie turned out to be and I can’t wait to see Launshae’s pretty pictures of her! I’m now taking commissions for dollies so email me to discuss about it if you’re keen. 😀 Bring a candy-coated-sugary-filled custom CaramelPOPS dolly home today! More of Pinkie’s pictures in Flickr.