CaramelPOPS The Other Alice

The Other Alice or “TOA” I call for short, was actually a former Pollip doll. Could you guess who she was previously? She’s Miah Sakura Elf, which I’ve taken apart and given her a new life as a new dolly. She’s a Pullip Nahh Ato on a Marrone Obitsu body. Her pet is a MLP though not really a pony, but a pony friend, a camel. Being a big Alice In Wonderland fan myself, making a 2nd set of AIW dolls seemed like the right thing to do. Just this time, there’ll be new characters like the dodo bird, catepillar, dormouse etc… Not sure how many characters I’m intending to make just as yet but it all depends on when inspiration strikes. I’ve also created a new drop-down menu page under “Dolls” for this series so be sure to come by again for more dolly updates!

I hope you guys like her. She’ll be up for adoption very soon.


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Grumpie the Clown – Baby Qee custom

Made for Leon from Openthetoy. A local toy blogger, a toy fanatic and a friend. We finally met up at last year’s STGCC 2010 and he asked if I could make him a custom toy, Caramelaw style. I agreed and brought home the cute, little, blank Baby Qee. Its a waaaaaaayyyyyy overdue project. So I’ve decided to pick it up and start painting. The request was to make it NOT too girlish though and to maintain the green head and angry eyes of the Openthetoy mascot. At least there are no flowers and pearls in this custom! I think he looks quite angry (but cute). What do you think?

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Caramelaw on PlayTimes Magazine!

Am very honoured to be featured in this issue’s Play Times Magazine. A 7 page feature of my art, dolls, toys,merchandise and a short write up on who is the girl behind all the candy art. 🙂
pi_mag04PI_mag03 PI_mag02 PI_mag01

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Mickey Mouse custom, “Eat me, I’m candy!”

A really cool and fun project by Play Imaginative. I was invited to custom a Mickey Mouse figure standing 6.5″ tall. This little Mickey here is made for the Play Imaginative Mickey Mouse custom showcase at the Singapore Toys, Comics & Games Convention 2011. I thought it was easy painting a 6.5″ figure but this little Mickey here took me a good 2 weeks to complete! I’m pretty happy how it turned out to be and it sure is an attention grabbing Mickey! Read more about it here.

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Bunny War! Throw Cherry Bombs at them!

I made this piece specially for clickforart, needed to update some of the products on their website. There’s going to be lots of new goodies like travel bags, mini bags,messenger bags…etc. So be sure to keep a look out for that! Also made this poster A0 size, so I’m going to print it out and hang it above my bed! I might also provide limited edition A2 size prints on my Etsy store soon. Will keep you guys posted!

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CaramelPOPS Snow Kittens! *Meoaw*

Snow Kittens here was made a long time ago and her painted faceplate was posted on my Flickr some months back. But after which she’s left forgotten on my table for another few months till now. (LOL Evil me…) I was way busy with work and not touched any dolls nor toys for awhile now. So before I go mad from all that corporate work I do in the day time, I think I had better start making dolls/toys/candyart soon!

Well, the reason why Snow Kittens wasn’t done up was because I couldn’t find her the right outfit. I did commission Yukijiro of La Princesa to make her a really cute Kitty Lolita outfit (Oh she was the awesome dolly clothes maker that made Rococo Candy’s outfit as well!) Snow Kittens just didn’t look right even with the Kitty Lolita outfit, thus I went hunting for another. After which I came across this out-of-stock BHC Eskimo outfit on ebay. Then BINGO! That was it! Everything else flowed like a breeze after that, her hair, outfit and accessories came up together nicely. It felt right. I think its important when an artist makes anything, the result, has got to feel right. Shortly after Snow Kitten’s picture was posted on Flickr, someone wanted to adopt her! That made me happy because it shows I did something right. ^__^


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CaramelPOPS Cotton Candy!

My very 1st custom Blythe dolly! She was once a simply mango, dismantled her and gave her an entirely new face-up. She has wefted honey-blonde mohair, carved lips and eyechips changed as well. I had a hard time putting her back together (Obviously I’m not very good at this…yet…) But am glad I manage to figure it out in the end!

I was saving this awesome Jojiko outfit for a special dolly custom and it has got to be her. As usual I wanted to keep that pinkish-candy theme. She ain’t perfect but for a 1st time, I think I did pretty ok.


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Mini Tea Tour 2011 – Lunartik Custom Show

Mini Tea Tour 2011 – Lunartik Custom Show
I was uber excited when Matt Jones, designer and creator of the Lunartik Mini Teas invited me to take part. Lunartik’s Mini Tea Tour featuring 70+ custom works of art, created from Matt JOnes’ platform toy, Lunartik in a Cup of Tea. These artistic interpretations have been brewed to perfection by a fine selection of World Artists.
Read more about it here.

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Pretty stuff to download!

Finally made some stuff for the site’s “download” page. Some really cute wallpapers for desktops and iphone. Check them out and download them here.

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Click for ART goodies!

New in for spring 2011, the Sweet Mischief cushions are now up for sale on the click for art website! I certainly think they look really cute as cushions, with blue or pink polker-dot backgrounds to choose from. Not forgetting the ever cutest Pussy Monks & Clowns United cushions as well! The dutch & duchess mugs are on their way, also in Sweet Mischief prints, that comes in a set of 2. The perfect way for you & your loved ones to share a cuppa tea in the morning. Best of all and coming real soon, limited edition chairs! There will be a few styles of stunning arm chairs in both Real Leather and Faux Suede. I foresee lots of cool stuff pouring in so keep your eyes peeled to the clickforart website!

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