The 1st moments of exposure to Pullip & Blythe dolls was on MLP Arena, that innocent curiosity, got me DEEP into the dolly hole. I never got out of it since.

My custom dolls are very much inspired by the lovely Zombukis created by Brigitte Coovert. She’s a talented customizer and a brilliant artist! I came across her amazing creations on Flickr and was totally mesmerized. Awesomeness is not enough to describe the beauty and wonder of her creations. Visit her site at and be in awe of her talents.

I began customizing Pullip dolls and vintage My Little Ponies, the 2 loves of my life and paired then up together. Therefore the Pollips are born.
These are the pioneer custom dolls I made. So far, about 18 Pollips were born and many of them have found homes across the world. ^_^

I’ve developed a new style of face-up recently. The pollips are evolving into a new species. I call them CaramelPOPS.
Its been a wonderful 9 year dolly journey for me. I’ve met so many wonderful dolly people in this hobby and it truly makes me happy and complete.
Take a look at the custom dolls I’ve made from the drop down menu, so much sweet dolly goodness!

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