CARAMELPOPS Doll – Pullip Wondrous Cloud Puff


There was once a myth that a magical candy kingdom floats high above in the sky, hidden among the the thick, dense clouds. It was a floating paradise of wonderful flavours, ice cream mountains, ginormous cupcakes and every unimaginable dessert you can ever think of…and living in this whimsical wonderland, is Cloud Puff. She never knew how she ended up here but she is surrounded by many sweet friends. They go on fantastic adventures and rescuing stranded animals which flew too high and ended up in the floating kingdom. Who knows, once day she might rescue a plane full of passengers and make some human friends.”

She’s an OOAK doll customized by me.

Her customize work includes :

– Light pastel make up & Caramelaw’s trademark candy face paint style
– Customized doll stand.
– Her eye balls are sawed out so these flat beads eyes can be installed. She does not have eye lids but her eyes move from side to side. Her beady eyes are painted with water-based acrylic paint.
– She’s wearing a lovely mohair wig made by Sleeping Elf.
– She does not come with her original dome. A rubber Blythe dome is attached instead to support the wig therefore its protruding out from the back of her head a little. (Please message me to see images)
– She comes with a beautiful Shepuppy jellybeans dress.
– She is on a 27cm small busted Obitsu body. Her waist is a little loose so she might flop a little from side to side.
– She comes with everything you see in the photo, including the little toys on her stand and the toys that she is holding in her arms.
– Pink Kuma bear is NOT included.

Few things to take note of before purchasing:
– This is a hand made collectible item, not a toy. Its fragile and consist of small parts. Not suitable for child’s play. It is meant for adult collectors.
– Her wig is not glued onto the scalp for easy removal. There is a piece of velcro pasted on the top of her head to prevent the wig from falling off easily.
– It is OOAK, I will not repeat my designs again in future projects.
– She is made lovingly by me. She’s not perfect, there are bound to be flaws. If you seek factory perfect items, do not purchase this doll.
– Payment by PAYPAL ONLY.
– I will only send the doll by EMS (Express mail service) and item will be fully insured.
– Buyer will be responsible for any additional taxes/GST incurred upon arrival of the parcel at customs.
– Layaway plan of up to 2 months is negotiable. Please contact me for further discussion.
– Item will only be reserved for buyer upon 1st payment should there be a layaway plan.
– Deposits are none refundable.

Please contact me for further discussion.


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