STGCC 2014

All the rushing, planning, logistics, sleepless nights trying to churn out art and cute stuff  to sell at STGCC 2014, seems all too familiar. Once again, Caramelaw was back at STGCC 2014 show casing my art dolls, custom toys and new merchandises. It was really fun returning back to STGCC after being under the radar for 4 years. Seeing artist friends and happy fans gather at the one event that makes all of us unite is simply delightful.

stgcc2014_01Set up was relatively easy, all the candy elements were up and busking in their rainbow glory in no time. The crowds gathered and marveled at the custom Caramelpops dolls and custom Kobito Dukan Rainbow Buddies customs. There were also new merchandises, including canvas prints, bag charms, key chains, new poster and postcard designs and a new paper puppet. Click for art also sent us some merchandise all the way from UK, including cushion covers, sweat shirts, pouches and eye mask. Lots to see and time to spend some money!

stgcc2014_02I’ve got wonderful help once again from Agent Cuddlesome, a.k.a the manager of Candy land and my loving candy man to mend the booth with me. There were many exhibtiors this year and I was particularly excited about Instinct Toys. Managed to grab a hold of the new Jack O Latern in Glitter pink and silver, all thanks to the loving boyfriend. What a sweet surprise. Swoon!

stgcc2014_03There were some familiar faces – Gold Zinyin here was at my booth 4 years ago and she was back again for more candy art. So sweet of her! Many friends and family dropped by to show their support. I also did some doodling at the doodle wall sponsored by Sharpie, rocking the black ink with the Band of Doodlers. Lots of fun interacting with people and curious minds who wanted to know more about me and my candy art. It was such a pleasure speaking to everyone who came to the convention. It was a blast having to experience all the buzz and cosplayers and I’ll certainly be back soon!


Motion Graph Artist by day, Candy-land super hero by night.

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