Superplastic Janky S2 – Candievera

I know this post came a little too late but still one of the most exciting things that happened in 2019. Being part of Superplastic’s Janky Series 2 with my design – Candievera! Big thanks to the Superplastic team for curating and putting S2 all together. Janky Series 2 consists of 20 beautiful art toys designed by artists from all across the world.

Designing Candievera was super fun. There were many rounds of sketching, then throwing away sketches, then sketching again, planning, then tea breaks, brain storming but it was all worth it. I did come up with a few designs before settling for Candievera. I’m pretty sure it was the OCD in me, I kept tweaking the design to a point that I started to doubt it. There was just so much to play with and explore and my mind literally went into overhaul. I wanted to do this and try that and stuff in everything! But of course, I can’t do too much on a 3 inch figurine. That kind of simplified the whole process and made it easier for me to make the decision. Overall, I’m really happy how Candievera turned out to be. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to making more!

Initial designs of Candievera. The right most Janky is actually a unicorn; at this stage, I was just trying out different things to see which works best.
Final design of Candievera.



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