The 80s kid and her candies

I enjoyed making candy art and illustrations. After being on my ass for a LONG time and not updating my website (and boy that was a whole load of zzzzz work) and all, it’s time I do something about that. A brand new year, a brand new look and hopefully, that will start off a brand new year of the pony!

I missed the good old days when I was just a little candy monster. (No, not candy art creator, yet.) Growing up in the 80’s was fun and carefree. I ran about the neighbourhood playing hide and seek, police and thief and fire sparklers, catch guppies from the canel and spiders from the neighbouring wooded areas. Occasionally getting into trouble and getting a few whips from my mom. But as kids, a candy from the local mama-shop (convenient store) was always a treat and there were always many different types of candies to choose from. I grew up with these and the sudden gush of nostalgic memories lead me to creating a wallpaper that reflects a big part of my childhood. I guess, who I am today, has got to do with these 80s treasures that I hold so dearly in my heart.

Then again, I never really grew up. 🙂

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